Let the race begin!

The first race of the Hungarian dragracing championship starts on March 21st 2009 at Kiskunlachaza, Hungary (map, coordinates). The Romanian drag fans are used to this hungarian track, they've been participating and, often, winning during the last two years. Competitors from Bucharest, Timisoara, Craiova, and Oradea are eagerly waiting this first race in order to enjoy the fruits of their winter's worth of work building their cars. Our Hungarian neighbours know us and they're expecting us!

So you may want to come visit Hungary for this championship. It will make an exciting change from the usual activities of playing party poker and Angry Birds after a long day at work. This is what Hungary can offer: superb conditions, quality track, professional timing system, timeslips for the racers, scoreboards for the public, great battles between strong cars, and an outstanding system with stuntshow interludes.

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Europe's Fastest Cars!

Some might think that a "chipped" Passat TDI is a fast car in the quarter mile, however, things are different in our neighboring European countries. The fans invest a lot of money and efforts to build real monsters capable of trapping the quarter mile in 8-9 seconds; we're talking about modified street cars.

Nearest to us, in Hungary, an Audi S2 owned by Attila Kovacs completes passes in 9.42 seconds. The car has a modified Audi engine estimated at about 800HP. Watch!

The Scandinavians from VS Motors pump their Beemers to amazing levels of performance by turbocharging them. In 2006, they built the fastest BMW ever: 7.83 seconds in the quarter mile! Watch!

In Poland, Grzegorz Staszewski drives an 800+HP turbo Corvette that is a winner of multiple international drag contests. You may have seen him at the King of Europe East Edition in the summer of 2008. The car has an ET of sub 9 seconds. Watch!

In Greece, Petros Fikatas owns a Mitsubishi Evo capable of a 9.04 second quarter mile. Watch!

In our country, performances such as these are not achieved yet. We're on the right path though: the cars are stronger every day, we are constantly improving our know-how, and there are more and more fans of these legally organized competitions.

We only lack a proper racetrack...


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